3rd Korean Australian Joint Stroke Congress (KAJSC)


The Australasian Stroke Academy invites you to register for the 3rd Korean Australian Joint Stroke Congress (KAJSC) at www.kajsc24.com . This meeting will be held the day before the APSC/ANZSO meeting in Adelaide in September. The KAJSC will start September 24th and the APSC/ANZSO meeting will begin September 25th . 
The 2nd day of the KAJSC will overlap with the ASA Workshop on day 1 of the APSC/ANZSO meeting and your registration fee for the KAJSC will cover the ASA Workshop on September 25th as well. We invite you to register for both meetings.
The KAJSC will focus on several themes of interest including:
  • Thrombolysis and thrombectomy
  • ICAD and Moyamoya
  • Secondary prevention 
  • In-hospital and neurointensive care
  • Stroke and Alzheimer's disease immunotherapy
  • Code stroke in Australia, New Zealand and Korea
We look forward to seeing you in Adelaide!