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The 7th Annual



27-28th October 2018


Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel


Sydney- Australia



Limited seats available


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Prof. Mark Parsons

Prof. Chris Levi

Prof. Christian Lueck

Prof. Vincent Thijs

A/Prof. Jim Jannes

A/Prof. Mark Mackay

Dr. Nawaf Yassi

Dr. Henry Zhao

Dr. Liz Pepper

Dr. Carlos Esperon

Dr. Lee Ann Slater

Dr. Teddy Wu

Dr. Ronak Patel (Report of research project funded by Academy)





Saturday 27th October 


Code Stroke : Acute stroke Assessment

Criteria for stroke code, clinical assessment, mimics, work flow design

CT Brain : The good, the bad and the ugly

How to make the most out of it, ASPECT, post-contrast CT, SAH, pit falls, fine slides CT, oedema and pick the psoterior circuaktion infact

CT Perfusion : Master the art of perfusion

Basic Theory, the penumbra and outcome, clinical application, the pitfalls, the mimics and its future (replace telemed)

CT Angiogram: Understand it and Apply it

Vascular anatomy, Occlusion classification, application in ECR, collateral circulation, Other: aneurysms, moyamoya, AVM, AVF, spot sign

MRI : its application in acute stroke management

Acute MRI (DWI ADC), Misamatch (DWI PWI, DWI FLAIR, DWI CLINICAL), FLAIR application, MRA, SWI, mimics, pit falls, tPA and MRI

Thrombolysis : current clincial application and the new frontiers

Clinical application, benefit and risk assessment, time window and TNK

ECR: the powerful stroke therapy : All you need to know

Overview of ECR evidence and up to date data

ECR - the real world application

ECR cases demonstrating how to apply ECR properly, assessment, service delivery and transfer issues also various aspects such as anathetics, complications

The new stroke service paradime: hub and spoke with CT Ambulance

Hub and spoke model in Victoria, CT ambulance, registary (MOSES), service models

Intracranial Hemorrhage - all you need to know

ICH cases including images, amyloid angiopathy, micro bleeds, surgicacl intervention, SPOT signs, current trials

Up-to-date Secondary Stroke prevention 1: Anti-thrombotic and blood pressure control

Anti-platelet, anti hypertensive new trial evidence

Stroke and Cognition : The forgotten relationship and its impact


Update on the effect of stroke on cognition, return to work and fatigue issues

How to use NOAC and the tricky cases

NOAC in different siutations especially post-hemorrhage, use or reversal agent, perioperative period

Sunday 28th October 


The new frontiers: Overview of recent stroke trials

Update recent trial results also deom ESOC ISC

Paediatric Stroke : the state-of-the art lecture

Update in paediatric stroke including epidemiology, aetiology, imaging and treatment

Up-to-date Secondary Stroke Prevention 2: Lipid profile, PFO and others

Up to date review of secondary prevention in stroke especailly PFO

Stroke and Systemic Diseases -Cardiac, Diabetes and Renal Diseases

How does systemic illness affect stroke risk and vice verses, also talk about anti-diabetic and stroke, coronary angiogram and stroke, TAVI and stroke, dialysis and AF

Stroke and Pregnancy : The uncommon but emotionally charged topic

Stroke during pregnancy, mode of delivery, post-partum, breast feeding, conception, IVF, prevention during next preganancy

Difficult Thrombolysis Cases

Interactive session 

Difficult ECR Cases

Interactive session 

Difficult Anti-coagulation Cases

Interactive session

Tricky Neuro-image interpretation

Interactive session 

Update on Last year ASA Research Grant


New Grant Winner Presentation






The Australasian Stroke Academy is an organization dedicated to the training, continuing education and facilitation of stroke research by Stroke Physicians or specialists doctors who have an interest in stroke. Our audience includes neurologists, internal medicine physicians, geriatricians, rehabilitation physicians general practitioners and trainee physicians of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.